y bed, a kitchen, my own shelf in the fridge, sofa, TV, high speed internet connection, Spotify, GoT… So yes we are back to normality, tough is not normality anymore. The job is great, I have freedom and they listen to me, I propose things they never heard about and they want to give it a try. I decide wether I want responsibility or not. After work, is dark at 5pm and there is no much to do in Pukekohe, and I feel I have to do so much, but what? Before coming here I had this enormous hunger to travel, and now I have a job, a really cool job but I’m not traveling anymore, but is fine, i can still learn new things. And that’s what traveling is about, learning. Having internet has it’s perks, I joined Meetup and went for an amazing hike to Clevedon on sunday, I met tons of interesting people with the same curiosities and energy as me and had a great time walking and observing the incredible views this country offers to my eyes. My room was pretty empty when I moved in, so I decided to improve my building skills and looked for ideas to create my own furniture; I decided to give a try to pallets, and this is mainly for two reasons: 1) They are free and if you select the correct ones you are recycling up wood that, otherwise, would probably end up being burnt. To get ideas and knowlede, pinterest and instructables have been my best assets. To get tools, my home-mate and a Makers association in Auckland (sadly no Peerby or helpin are available here). A makers association is a bunch of people who love to build things and they rent a space together and bring their tools there; this one in particular is open, so you just need to show up there and start making! The work is not still finished -I only have the bed base by now- but I hope I can share the pictures of the whole room next week.

The perks of being offline

Having internet has a few downs too… During the three weeks I spent in Piha, I read 4 books and I learned some HTML and CSS from a book and creating a basic website from scratch (yes you can create websites offline), but now here I feel I’m wasting my time again, scrolling down facebook, visiting youtube, reading about people who I don’t give a shit, and still I do it. And it’s kind of hard to stop it, but I will try to find a way/technique that can help me to get rid of the scrolling screens down, and I will share it with you.

Surf’s down… but not for long!

The surfing this week has been really poor, since last tuesday I didn’t surf, luckily tomorrow a good swell is forecasted and my boss allows me to come later to work so I can go surfing, I get paid per hour so he really doesn’t care if I work 6-7 or 15 hours, which will never be the case because here they have a pretty amazing work-life balance – at least in my company – by now nobody stayed later than 5.30 pm, and the working environment is quite laid back, this does not mean we work slow or not hard enough, nope! Actually the sales guy is always on full energy mode, talking loud, going up and down the office, really great, I can learn a lot here.

wave gif

To finish today I share some pictures of the hike and the two days I surfed at Port Waikato. I hope you enjoy them

PortWaikato-11 PortWaikato-1 PortWaikato-2 PortWaikato-3 PortWaikato-4  PortWaikato-6

PortWaikato-7 PortWaikato-8 PortWaikato-9 PortWaikato-10

Written by oriolSP
Siempre curioso, salí en mayo de 2015 a explorar el mundo, iba a ser un corto viaje y se ha convertido en una forma de vida