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We couldn’t find any off the shelf sink that was small enough to still have space for chopping and cooking, so we decided to follow a pinterest idea and build our own sink from a mixing stainless steel bowl…


We made a hole with the driller on the wood plank we were using as a table, the size was the diameter of the interior edge of the mixing bowl


We bought also a drain and then made a whole to the stainless steel bottom, also the interior diamater of the drain. This drilling was a little bit more complicated and ended up with sharp edges that we sanded off


A first sight on how the kitchen and sink looks like


The drain is connected to the 20L waste water tank, we bought a screw pvc pipe junction to make the job


To make everything waterproof we used silicone, this part was a little bit tough, I never used silicone before and I though the result would be much more smoother and nice, probably my lack of skills working with it was the problem… The result was that the sink was leaking from the drain, we solve it putting more silicone.



The fresh water is obtained with a 20L water tank with a tap on it, you can buy it like this for 30NZD


The cooking stove works with a 7kg refillable gas cylinder, we bought it second hand as well in the Raglan recycling centre, 5 NZD!!!


Written by oriolSP
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